The Windish Agency



A 6,000 square foot headquarters for a music booking agency in a 1920’s warehouse adapted for creative office use.


The tenant required a flexible environment that could adapt to constantly changing and evolving workplace needs. The space also needed to be able to transform into a venue to host music performances, industry parties and events.

To maximize open space, private offices and support spaces are located around the perimeter with mezzanines above to create semi-private open work spaces. This strategy opened up a large multi-purpose area with communal tables, booths, and lounges designed to satisfy a variety of personal work preferences, as well as provide informal meeting areas. Two conference rooms fronted by large pivoting screens quickly expand the open space footprint when not in use. This flexibility allows the space to quickly transform from a work setting to an event venue.

The material palette of plywood, steel and drywall assembled with care and restraint complements the industrial aesthetic of the existing building shell. Expanded metal mesh mezzanine guardrails and conference room pivoting screens provide transparency and separation while formally linking disparate program elements into one cohesive environment. Furnishings were selected to compliment the design, while being flexible for multiple uses.  

Photos © Eric Staudenmaier