Peddler’s Creamery



A 1,200 square foot retail store and dairy. With a limited budget, the Owner wanted to expand his bicycle-powered ice cream business into a brick-and-mortar creamery, with the smallest eco-footprint possible. 

Peddler's 4_96dpi.jpg

The store's layout is derived from the functional requirements of a diary set inside a retail store.  Local health codes mandate the dairy is closed-off from the retail area; thus the diary is expressed as a closed “box” floating on a solid “bar.” A stationary bike connects to an ice-cream churn located in the diary. The bike also powers a sculpture of repurposed bike parts. Customers are welcome to pedal and churn ice cream to reduce their carbon footprint and get some exercise. 

LEED™ CI Certification

2014 Architecture Award, Los Angeles Business Council

2013 Best of Year Interior Design

The dairy is clad with repurposed wood pallets in a shingle pattern creating depth and texture. The colorful shingles, coated in VOC free paint, reflect the ingredients being churned and create a visual connection to the ice-cream on display. A shadow box window front and center allows customers to see the ice-cream making process and a recycled white tile bar houses the retail station, providing a formal counterpart to the colored box and decorative bike sculpture.

Photos © Eric Staudenmaier