Pacshore Office



A 2,275 square foot creative office interior tenant improvement.


This office space was conceived as a flexible, drop-in workspace for young creatives who split their time working between two locations. The design was influenced by the co-working plug-and-play model, with no dedicated desks or offices to encourage interaction and foster community.

Located in the open work space the desks have sweeping DTLA vistas over traditional Chinatown rooftops. Lounges, private offices and a large conference room offer privacy for quiet or group work and meetings, while maintaining connections to natural daylight and views.

Exposed ceilings, polished concrete floors and white walks create a neutral backdrop for simple, modern furnishings warmed with oak accents. Slivers of mirror and color are located throughout the space giving playful, unexpected reflections as well as expanding views and daylight.

Broadway Spec Suite 10.jpg

Photos © Bob Fawcett