Cross Creek Design Studio

Malibu | In Design


A mixed-use campus consisting of a 3,200 square foot design studio, a 1,200 square foot pavilion and an outdoor events courtyard.


The one acre site is designed to accommodate a variety of uses including day-to-day workplace, private VIP events, industry workshops, press launches and large public events.

Site planning strategies evaluated functional, security and access requirements for each use scenario strategically locating buildings with perimeter enclosures, fences, gates and planting to optimize the various uses. Housed in a 1970’s maintenance building the design studio is remodeled to include a large design studio that includes a VR area, meeting rooms and a new mezzanine with open workstations.


Designed as an open flexible space that can be completely open to the courtyard, the pavilion serves as a conference room, studio and gallery by day while forming a backdrop for various events. A metal mesh scrim surrounds the roof deck and is used for digital projections during events.

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