Auburn Restaurant



A 5,600 square foot fine dining restaurant from Michelin Star chef Eric Bost, located in the noted Melrose Avenue space that once housed the late Michel Richard's iconic Citrus restaurant.


The existing building was extensively remodeled to accommodate a 105-seat restaurant with an open-concept kitchen.

The reconfigured building was conceived to create a seamless transition between inside and out. The original clerestory defines the entry sequence, balancing old and new interventions. Located outside, the main dining area is protected by a wood ceiling structure. Raised planters evoke rural landscapes and new openings carved into existing walls link the space to the streetscape beyond. A large wall of solid oak windows and doors connects diners to the theatrics of the open kitchen. A new private dining room contained within a walled-in garden provides a quiet, serene space.


2019 AIA Los Angeles Restaurant Design Honor Award

2019 Surface Magazine Travel Awards - shortlisted

A new building datum was used to rationalize existing building conditions giving a clear delineation between floor, wall and ceiling finishes. A warm natural palette of concrete, stone, wood and plaster creates an effortless, casual space that feels distinctly Californian.

Interior & Furniture Design: Klein Agency

Plan © ORA, photos © Nicole Franzen